All yearly boards at a glance

New boards: top releases per period

It's already a month and a half since the new year started, and a new contest sparked a burst of CPAN activity: the CPAN Pull Request Challenge, instigated by our very own NEILB.

To offer a better insight into the CPAN releases activity, we are now publishing boards listing the top periods for each type of release. These statistics about CPAN uploads are available for various periods:

Yearly boards

Last August, we introduced the yearly boards, for all the regulars boards.

This enabled us to compute the yearly boards for past games, ever since CPAN started, before people came up with silly competitions about releases.

Two days ago, we published pages showing the leaderboards for all those yearly games, since 1995:

Similar indexes are also available for the top CPAN periods boards:

Play on!

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