Yearly boards and fallen authors

We'll try to keep the pulse beating weekly.
(Mmm, maybe we need to set up a board for Perl-related blogging...)

Yearly boards

The initial CPAN once-a-week game was meant to be played during the year 2012. Which means one would win the game if they released every week for a year. The following year, one would start afresh, and rank in the top if they never missed a week.

Obviously, as soon as the game was on, there were people who managed to keep a chain unbroken for a whole year:

This also means we can compute the yearly boards for past games, ever since CPAN started, before people came up with silly competitions about releases.

More interestingly, it happened once that an author kept an unbroken weekly chain for the whole year, and twice that they missed only one week:

The yearly boards are linked from the main once-a-day, once-a-week and once-a-month pages.

Fallen authors

When an author misses a period (month, week or day), they immediately fall off the current board (the board with all "still active" chains). is now showing this on all the boards by highlighting these authors in red.

When an author name is highlighted in red, this means their latest chain was competing in the "current" competition and they broke it by not releasing during the period. Authors who missed a step are shown in the "current" competition board at their previous position, but are not taken into account when computing the rank.

Play on!

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